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Standard Box

We offer you industry standard product and standard boxes can be printed with up to 2 colors, all in one process. The Common Footprint (CF) is a Europe-wide standard that guarantees safe and efficient stacking of all fruit and vegetable trays.

Outside Dimensions (mm) – Height: on measure of the product

Theoretical Real
600×400 597×398
600×200 597×198
500×300 497×298
400×300 398×298
300×200 298×198

Normal industrial tolerance: +/- 1mm
Height not specified, upon request from the client.
tray sizes = sub multiple of 1200 x1000 or 1200 x800 pallets

Interest & Fitting Boxdart Box

A width range of fittings can be designed to protect and support during the producing diecut box.

Diecut Boxes

These type of boxes require a slice form that enable very intricate and precise designs to be realised for your business.

Display Boxes

Best way to display and promote for your products to potential customers, usually in store and in prominent places.  CDU’s (Counter Display Units) or FSDU’s (Floor Standing Display Units) are often required this type of box.

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